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Malcolm has been in the plastic industry for over 22 years and has extensive experience in Injection and Blow Moulding and Toolmaking.

Malcolm Leahy also holds the following positions:-

DIRECTOR - Creative Moulding Services (Consulting and plastic manufacture)

DIRECTOR - Leahy Nominees Pty Ltd (Investment and manufacturing).

MANAGING DIRECTOR - Is that so Pty Ltd. (Plastic and Engineering manufacturing)



Warren has been in the Sales and Manufacturing Industry for more than 24 years and has extensive experience in product development.

Warren Smith also holds the following positions:-

MANAGING DIRECTOR - S.A. Diversified Products (Designers and manufactures of plastic Food Services Equipment).


Beneficial Plastic Products is an injection moulding and tool manufacturing company, which has been operating since 1990. Over that period has developed a reputation for its quality of injection moulding, tool making and specialized die trialing for national and international companies.

The company's managing director Malcolm Leahy has been involved in the plastics industry for more than 20 years and was the first person to manufacture his own blow mouldng machine to produce spring water bottles in Australia.
Due to his determination and the quality of product, his company at that time Blown Plastic Products took control of the Australian market from the American bottle manufactures and now sells spring water bottles and products throughout the world. In 1995, Mr. Leahy sold two companies (Blown Plastic Products and Aquatek Australia) and retained Beneficial Plastic Products to develop a new self closing tap for the spring water industry and other markets.
The company is now focused primarily in developing and manufacturing plastic products and has a supporting on site infrastructure in tool design, tool making, plastic product design and injection moulding.



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